Do you like trickshots? We LOVE them, and in this article we share many different cool shots, enjoy!

Why trickshots?
Badminton is fun and badminton needs to be fun, that’s why these trickshots are so great to do. Tricks also improve your general badminton game, as you develop new shots, new techniques and new ways of thinking. The player who is “playing” and having fun, also improves more as a player, that is something we truly believe.

Around the net
Forehand SPIN SERVE in badminton – around the post. Crazy spin serve in the forehand in badminton. If you know Kevin Sukamuljo and his backhand spin serve, then this is kinda similar but in the forehand side. Use it for fun to amaze your coach or your friends. It is tricky to handle, as you need to hit the shuttle with a lot of spin, and the same time get it around the post, and into court. The serve is NOT legal in a real match 😉

Lin Dan trick
Badminton LIN DAN trickshot – Back facing shot. This amazing tutorial back facing trickshot from Lin Dan is a MUST SEE, and a shot you must try yourself. Lin Dan is SO good at this fake backhand shot, I give my best but Lin Dan is just the master of this trick shot in badminton. To do a back facing shot takes skills, and only Lin Dan can pull it off with style. What do you think, am I doing it okay? 😃

Low serve trick
Badminton low serve trick shot, watch it here like Peter Gade and his amazing trickshot around the shuttle. A really cool and fun trickshot in badminton, and amazing to try to copy the legend Peter Gade and his very unique trick shot. I here try to add the same trick in a badminton low serve, mostly for fun, but maybe you can use it as a surprise when you play with your friends 😊

Behind the head trick
Chen Long smash with deception, have you seen him do it? Chen Long is amazing at this smash shot. In this tutorial I will teach you the smash technique adding the deception. Anders Antonsen from Denmark is also really good at this deception smash. But why add deception to your smash? This is to trick your opponent a bit when you smash. Just add a bit of a slice into your shot and the smash direction will be different, a really cool shot, hope you like the video.

Sukamuljo spin serve
Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo spin serve step by step, how does he do it? You need to master then low doubles serve as well, and then watch this tutorial about how to serve like Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo.

When I was a pro I always studied many tricks of other top players, and focused on all the small details, it really helped my ability to make new “crazy” shots!

Thomas Laybourn – Former World no. 1 and World Champion

Top 5 trickshots
A few of the same as above, but also a few new ones 😉
Top 5 badminton Trick Shots 2020, welcome to the trickshot show. Trick serves, crazy shots and more, we gathered our top 5 trickshots from 2020 in this compilation video. Use many of them for fun, but some of the badminton tricks, can be used in a real match as well.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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