In this article we will go through 6 amazing deception shots. Deception shots is used all the time in badminton, almost every shot has a small deception to it. These videos are more advanced and not used that much, they are on “the edge” to be a trick shot. But if you master them they can be really effective in your game.

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First one is most used in the singles, Tai Tzu Ying from Chinese Taipei use this a lot in her game. Well usually only when she is on top in her game, because the shot is extremely difficult to master. Watch the video and see if you can master it is well as Rasmus and as Tai.

Next up is Thomas doing a really nice doubles return from the right hand side. As you can see in the video the shot is really quick and with a small small movement. Try this next time when playing the doubles, really fun to see your opponent going the wrong way 🙂

Next deception shot is used a lot in the singles from the net. It can be done really quick with a small movement and more secure. But also with even more deception that really tricks your opponent but with a higher margin of error.
BONUS: Former World Champion Thomas Laybourn demonstrates a Double Shot variation in the end of the video, really cool and fun, and extremely fast racket movement – enjoy 😉

STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL on how to perform a DECEPTIVE curve spin shot in the backhand side. Really fun and really amazing how much spin you can get in the shuttle. Watch the ultra slows of Thomas performing this extremely difficult shot 😉

How to do DOUBLES TOP SPIN RETURN with 4 focus points + 1 extra cool thing. Going to the net landing on your left as Rasmus does, is more defensive than landing on your right as Thomas does. Usually the right is used in doubles, were you want to be more aggressive to the net, and the left is more used in the mixed, because you can more easily push back to cover the back court.
A really tricky but amazing return in the doubles. The technique is very different depending on where the serve is, so try different angles and spins for yourself. We tried to cover some of the scenarios in this video.

STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL on how to perform a really cool deception doubles return, in the uneven field with the backhand… Be patience in this shot, it is really tricky to master.:-)
This shot can also be used in other returning side, but actually also in the forehand, so try the different variation out, it is really fun play with these types of shots.

Thats it folks, we really hope you enjoyed all these shots, remember to be patience and have fun while you practise these types of shots. We are working really hard making even more deception videos, so stay tuned on our weekly updated Youtube Channel called Badminton Famly, you can find it here

All the best from The Badminton Famly

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