Do you want a technique like the pros? Then keep reading and watch many cool tutorials below and play like a pro…

How do they do it?
Well it takes a lot of time to get the technique correct, many of these shots in this article has been practiced thousands of times by me and of course also the pros.

4 quick tips for you to improve:
• Be patience – If you keep going improvement will come
• Study the technique and practise it
• Be curious on new things – Your bad habits are tricky to change but try your best to “think new”
• Repetition repetition repetition – A rule of thumb says 10.000 repetitions or more to learn something new

In this article I have a selection of technical tutorials from some of the best pros in the World. I try my best to copy shots from Kento Momota, Tai Tzu Ying, Chen Long, Taufik Hidayat & Anthony Ginting – Enjoy!

Kento Momota high net deception tutorial – Learn it here
Kento Momota is so good at this badminton deception shot at the net. Deceptions in badminton is used a lot by players like Kento Momota, Lin Dan, Viktor Axelsen and more, and this badminton deception at the net, Kento Momota really likes to play a lot. The ability to show that you are attacking, but instead you hold it short close to the net, that is a really dangerous trick, but also hard to master. In this video I look at the technique and the placement of the shot, I share easy to understand tips in this how to tutorial video.

Get a backhand like Taufik Hidayat – 3 Tips tutorial
Get a backhand like Taufik Hidayat, sounds great right? Learn the Taufik backhand here with these 3 tips. Taufik Hidayat is the master at the badminton backhand shots. Get more backhand power in this tutorial. Use the tips to add more power to your shots, and get a backhand smash like Taufik.

TAI TZU YING badminton deceptive drop shot
Tai Tzu Ying deceptive drop shot is a really cool badminton shot, the use of a deception drop shot is something she wins many points from. In this tutorial I will try to give my point of view on how to hit it like Tai Tzu-Ying. Tai Tzu Ying is the master of trickshots and deceptions, but the drop shot is one of her favorites in my mind. Usually she plays this shot from the around the head side when she is a bit under pressure, so try to create that situation when training this awesome deception drop shot.

Chen long Smash – Add deception and trick your opponent
Chen Long smash with deception, have you seen him do it? Chen Long is amazing at this smash shot. In this tutorial I will teach you the smash technique adding the deception. Anders Antonsen from Denmark is also really good at this deception smash. But why add deception to your smash? This is to trick your opponent a bit when you smash. Just add a bit of a slice into your shot and the smash direction will be different, a really cool shot, hope you like the video.

Badminton lift with top spin + BONUS LIN DAN Deception
Badminton lift with top spin, forehand and backhand version + bonus shot Lin Dan deception lift. Master this top spin shot and add more pressure in your lifts, and if you want to add deception like Lin Dan forehand lift, then check out the last part of this tutorial. A really cool badminton deception shot, I try my best in the end copying Lin Dan and his amazing trickshot. Lin Dan is the man of power and tricks, and this small trick in the end is an amazing badminton lift, check it out…

When I was a pro I always studied the technique of other top players, and focused on all the small details, it really helped me improve my technique!

Thomas Laybourn – Former World no. 1 and World Champion

Now it is up to you to master it and try it out on court. Have patience, it takes a while to get it under your skin. The grip, the forearm rotation, body rotation and more… yes there are SO many things to master, but try your best and be a superman, I believe in you 😁

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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