As a badminton player, our ankles are very exposed. During a match, we perform so many lunges, and every time we do so, our ankles are subject to a lot of pressure. One slightly misstep, and we risk to twist and sprain our ankles. Luckily there are ways to prevent that. We cover some of those ways in this article.  

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Here at Badminton Famly we recommend Spraino. A simple yet very useful product, which will help you in case you land incorrectly on your foot. Spraino prevents almost 60% of severe ankle injuries and decreases the load on the joint in a possible twist by more than 90% – without compromising comfort or movement, as opposed to ankle braces or tape. 

That means, in case you are unlucky to land incorrectly on your foot, Spraino will help you get your foot back in place, instead of twisting. 

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Make sure to do a proper warm-up. This is, of course, important to avoid all types of injuries, but in general, we are more exposed to twisting our ankles if our muscles in the feet and ankles haven’t been activated. We can’t stress this enough: warming up might be one of the most tedious parts of your training, but nevertheless the most critical part to train efficiently and ongoingly.  

Work on your footwork technique
Most people tend to talk about speed and stamina, when they speak about footwork. But learning the right movements and footwork techniques might be even more critical. So, make sure to spend time on learning the correct footwork technique – especially for footwork techniques where we are very exposed, for instance, with the scissor jump, china jump or the lunge. The better our footwork is, the more often we land in balance and thereby minimize the risk of twisting our ankles. 

Choose the right shoes
Shoes designed for badminton are made for many of those specific movements we do when moving around a badminton court. Getting the right shoes will give you the necessary support and comfort, which will minimize your risk of twisting your ankle. The shoes are by far the most essential equipment for a badminton player.  

The tips mentioned above are just some of the things you should consider to avoid injuries and especially ankle injuries. It’s a matter of mindset and prioritization. If you prioritize to do the things, which will minimize your risk, the higher the chances you have of being injury-free and thereby being able to train consecutively. 

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