In this brief article, we have gathered some essential advice to improve your footwork. It’s a combination of videos and articles.

Spraino – For fewer sprained ankles
Spraino is simple yet very useful product, which will help you in case you land incorrectly on your foot. With this product you can feel more safe when moving around court, knowing you have a helping hand in case to land in an incorrect way.

Spraino prevents almost 60% of severe ankle injuries and decreases the load on the joint in a possible twist by more than 90% – without compromising comfort or movement, as opposed to ankle braces or tape. 

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Defense rear court

Getting out of pressured situation is very important, when you play badminton. In this video, Thomas will walk you through a detailed examination of, how you move to the rear court. Enjoy…

China jump

One of the most used badminton footwork jumps is the China Jump, or some call it the side shuffle jump. The China jump is good in these situation where you can jump out fast and reach the shuttle early and high to put pressure on your opponents. Learn more in this video!

Front court footwork

In this article, we have gathered some tips on how to move to the frontcourt. Among other things, we cover the basic, such as:

Split step:
To move our body around the court the fastest way possible we need use the force from the ground, the ground reaction force. This is why we have to time our split step. As we land our split step we immediately get force from the ground. Imagine the ground was one big trampoline.

Lower body:
Balance is also key. Keeping our upper body as straight as possible is vital for recovery as well hence speed. Make sure to take few and long strides to keep our body in a upright position. This is all about moving our lower body as much as possible.
Read more in this article:

Footwork 4 corners

If you want to learn the basic techniques in the 4 corners on court, you can watch this very popular video on just that. Thomas shares some very useful tips on how to cover these areas on court.

Footwork training programs and more…

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