Co-founder and partner of Badminton Famly, former World Champion Thomas Laybourn shares below 5 unique tips on how to improve as a badminton player.

When you train i think it is really important that you do your training to an absolute perfection. The small details can have a big effect on your development. Are you training a stroke, then think; am i training good enough?, how can a change what i do to be better?, think outside the box… And remember; You can allways improve, no matter what!

Train hard and train a lot, but more important train correctly. Train specific on what you are missing in strenght and fitness. Be better at what you are good at, but be even better at what you have to improve. Train with powertrainer (heavy racket) to improve your power in your shots.

The stuff you wear and what you use on court is very important. When you wear a t-shirt for example, it is important that you feel good and have good confidence with that t-shirt. We all know that a color and style that is not cool, doesn ́t feel good to wear. Same with your racket, shoes etc. it has to fit you perfectly, and you have to have that i ́m feeling good today feeling.

Your coach is the most important person in your training, he can see everything from another angle, on court but also off court. Talk talk talk to him/her so he/she will know every detail, so he/ she can help towards your dreams and goals. Use video of your game, technique and footwork and analyse it with your coach, it ́s a really good tool to see what have to be improved.

You have to think correctly on court othervise you will loose
– yes very simple but extremely difficult. One small but wrong thought can loose your game. Think like a superhero and have that speciel power on court, it is a good “icebreaker” if you feel frustrated and angry on court – how would your superhero react in this situation?

Below is one of the best quotes of all times:

“Dont be afraid of failure – This is the way to succes”
Lebron James

Have a good training, remember to have fun and try new things – always 🙂

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