See video below…

This amazing video really shows how to make a perfect smash. So if you want to smash harder please see this video and try to copy.
It is funny to see all these players, because it is pretty clear to see who has the hardest smash. Read below why…

Placement of the arm:
Very important as you can see in the video, is the placement of the arm before moving your arm forward. The arm is really far back to get the most power and “swing” time/power. You can compare with a baseball pitchers, their arm is extremely far back before trowing the ball.
You can see the difference between Wang Zhengming “against” most of the doubles players, especially Carsten Mogensen (also Xu Chen and Fu Heifeng). Wangs arm not that far back before his swing, and Wang not hitting that hard when smashing. We all know Carstens power when smashing….so it means a lot.

Albue movement:
When starting your swing forward, the elbow has to come forward before everything else, really important to train and stretch a lot so your arm is really flexible so the elbow can “rotate” forward. It is really clear to see in the video.

Rotation of the arm:
The most important thing as i see it is to rotate your arm (mostly the forearm) to generate the power and hitting through the shuttle with big rotation/swing. In almost EVERY shot in badminton you need extreme rotation power. Think about that for a moment…. and try different shots where you are sitting right now… Do you agree?..
As you can see in the video it is pretty amazing to see the power and rotation when the players hit the shuttle. So really important that you train this movement, not only in smash but in easier exercises also. Also the double defense and the high backhand etc.

Off course also important to have:
Side to the shuttle when getting ready to hit
Left hand (if you are right handed) “in the air” to have the right balance. Also important to use the left hand to generate the rotation in your body, it can “pull you around”
The rotation in your body when hitting. Especially the hip has to rotate before the upper body
Power in your abs

It´s always funny to work with players in this area, every coach and some players have different opinions about this, and also many different ways to do the shot. Different things works, but as you can see in the video, everybody on top level almost doing this exactly the same.
Also different ways to practice this with different players, because no one is equal, and many different challenges.

I was working with a player who just couldn’t get the arm back to generate some swing power, so we tried to just clear to each other but REALLY relaxed/loose, and with the biggest swing/movement in the world. We tried to take the arm as far back as possible (crazy far back), to exaggerate the placement to “learn” the body to break a habit. Slowly the player was able to place the arm further back and then hitting the shuttle much better, BUT it takes patience patience patience.

Hope this was helpfull and will generate some more powers around the world. Just kill those shuttles…:-)
Please ask any questions about this, or post your own good ideas.

Thomas Laybourn

See the video below…


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