The quarters kicks off later today, we have below selected the Match of the day in all 5 events, and then we made our predictions on the outcome.

Mens Singles:
Kento Momota (JPN) vs. Srikanth Kidambi (IND)
Winner: Kento Momota (90%)
Head 2 head: 10-3
– This week Momota so far has proven he is again playing top level after winning last weeks German Open. Kidambi also show good quality but in this match he is falling behind in every aspect of the game, Momota just is to good. Only small chance if Kidambi goes all in taking many chances and it works out for him.

Womens Singles:
Akane Yamaguchi (JPN) vs. He Bingjiao (CHN)
Winner: Akane Yamaguchi (60%)
Head 2 head: 7-1
– Pretty open match. Akane played amazing last week but is she a bit tired? Taking the head 2 head into consideration she is a small favorite and with a lot of confidence in her bag also. Will nok be surprised if the match will be a close 3 set match.

Mens Doubles:
Han Chengkai/Zhou Haodong (CHN) vs. Takeshi Kamura/Keigo SONODA (JPN)
Winner: Takeshi Kamura/Keigo SONODA (65%)
Head 2 head: 0-1
– Can go either way if China hits their top level, they are a loose gun as you can say. They are young and still have big difference in their level sometimes playing amazing matches and other times playing really bad and unmotivated. We believe they will be motivated but still think Japan will be to strong, they played amazing yesterday looking really comfortable in the stadium.

Womens Doubles:
Greysia Polii/Apriyana Rahayu (INA) vs. Chen Qingchen/Jia Yifan (CHN)
Winner: Greysia Polii/Apriyana Rahayu (55%)
Head 2 head: 2-3
The betting sites disagree here, they have China as favorite but think Indonesia will win in tight match. The arena suits them well with long rallies and long matches. But if China amazing attack will go through Indonisias defense they can win. I would put my money on the underdogs on the betting sites, but let’s see later today.

Mixed Doubles:
Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong (CHN) vs. Chris Adcock/Gabrielle Adcock (ENG)
Winner: Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong (75%)
Head 2 head: 3-0
If someone can beat the Chinese it is The Adcocks on homeground, but won’t be easy. The Adcocks did not play that good yesterday against Lane/Pugh but tricky match against their training partners. Would still put my money on China but if a surprise is underway today we believe it could be here. Can Gabrielle “steel” the net from Huang and Chris is in top shape controlling the back they can for sure win it, but let’s see later today, we cannot wait 😉

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