With over 30 countries involved, the Yonex US Open is primed for an incredible tournament with multiple Olympic medalists across all five disciplines.

Men’s singles
In general, there is a high level of players for this tournament, but the top-seeded is especially interesting to look at.
You will get to experience the Dutch player Mark Caljouw. Currently, he is ranked world no. 32 and will in the first round meet the Taiwanese badminton player Lin Yu-hsien. Caljouw has got a good start in 2019 by winning the Austrian Open and in addition, getting into his first Swiss Open quarterfinal.
Another player to look out for is Prannoy Kumar from India. He is second-seeded in this tournament and will in the first round meet Igarashi from Japan. The year 2017 was particularly special for Prannoy, as he defeated his idol Cheng Long at the Indonesian Open. Cheng Long was dominating the tournament for many years, but Prannoy pulled out to the biggest upset of the year to grab the trophy. In recent years he has only topped this level and we look forward to following him!

Lastly, we have the top-seeded Lee Dong-keun from Korea. He will meet Chinas Zhou Zeqi in the first round.

Women’s singles
Top-seeded in women’s singles is the Canadian player Michelle Li. Michelle Li is, these days, number 14 in World Ranking and a few years ago decided to compete at the top of the world badminton, highlighting and getting good results after much effort. “I think is tough because I never had someone to guide me. There are some Asia players that have a whole team with them, coach, physiotherapist and more, but for us, as Pan American players, we don’t have that, we don’t have that resources. I only believe in what can I do and try to not thinking about the other team. It’s not an easy road but I think it’s not impossible.” Li said.  Li has been nursing an achilles tendon tear in her right leg so it will be exciting to see how the match between her and Gai from USA will go down.
Second-seeded is Saena Kawakami from Japan. Despite her young age (21 years) she has gained a lot of good results in both the Yonex Osaka International challenge and Orléans Masters where she came out in top and won the women’s singles category. Will she be able to deliver? We look forward to find out!

Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Men’s doubles
Top-seeded in this category is the Taiwanese pair Liao Min-Chun and Su Cheng-heng. Teamed-up in the men’s doubles, they won the International Challenge title at the 2016 Welsh International, 2017 Orleans International, and 2017 Finnish Open tournament. The pair have very good chemistry on court which results in good matches and good power in the rallies. It is expected that this pair will go a long way in the tournament but everything can happen!
We will also get to experience another Taiwanese pair Wang Chi-lin and Chen Hung-ling. In 2017, they won the Grand Prix Gold title at the China Masters tournament in the men’s doubles event. Will it be a showdown between the two pairs in the final? We will find out.

Women’s doubles
Yet another Japanese par who is top-seeded. Nami Matsuyama and Chiharu Shida will be up against Ozaki and Watanabe also from Japan. It is a very young pair which is why it will be exciting to follow them. They have achieved very good results together and are expected to go a long way.
Furthermore, we have Tran and Lefel from France. Tran clinched the silver medal at the 2018 European Championships in the women’s doubles event partnered with Émilie Lefel, making them as the first French women’s doubles players won a medal at that category.

Get an overview of the full program and draws here

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