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With all respect for all other women’s single players, the final today had the potential to become the best possible final we could hope for in Nanjing as we were to see Carolina Marín and Pusarla V. Sindhu in a rematch of the Olympic final in 2016. At the same time this was Europe’s only chance for gold this year.

The two players have both been looking very strong this week, and they are generally both very physical strong and known for being able to keep on running and crushing their opponents on the physical condition. Both want to control the game when they play so it would be interesting to see who of the two would be able to do so in their first final against each other since India Open in 2017.

Marín and Sindhu aren’t known for giving us the closest matches though when they play each other. But today was really a match worth saving for future memories. Sindhu started off best and took control of first game, which she was leading up to 15-11. Five consecutive points brought the Spaniard back into the game and the two girls were even up to 18-18. The very close first game ended 21-19 to Marín.

Blown away

In second game there was only one player on court. Maybe Sindhu is cursed when it comes to the biggest finals; she has a silver medal from the Olympic Games in 2016 and a silver medal from the World Championships last year. It looked very much as if she had to settle for silver again in her third big final.

Carolina Marín was one big turbo engine in second game and the Indian could not keep up with the fast pace set by the Spaniard. Marín definitely had control of the match and there was nothing Sindhu could do to keep the match being interesting.

5-0, 7-1 and 11-2 for Marín killed the match. There was no looking back for the Spanish girl who was about to add more chapters to her already amazing history; she is Olympic Champion and two times World Champion already. 16-4 now…

Carolina Marín got her World Championship hattrick when she nailed second game 21-10. Sadly for Pusarla V. Sindhu she also got a hattrick, but that’s a hattrick of silver medals…

Congratulations to the new World Champion; Carolina Marín from Spain!

Women’s single medals:

Gold: Carolina Marín, Spain
Silver: Pusarla V. Sindhu, India
Bronze: He Bingjiao, China
Bronze: Akane Yamaguchi, Japan


You can see the results of all the semifinals here


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