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After several tournaments in Asia the many past weeks the tour is now coming to Europe. The next three World Tour Super tournaments will be played in the Netherlands, Denmark and France.

Dutch Open, which will be played in Topsportcentrum Almere some 25 km east of Amsterdam, is a World Tour Super 100 tournament with USD 75,000 in prize money. The venue holds 3,000 seated spectators, just as the venue for Denmark Open one week later does.

There is an overload of European entries in the tournament, and only 11 of the 40 seeded entries are from outside Europe. Opposite the biggest World Tour tournaments there is qualification to the main draw for Dutch Open. The qualification kicks off on Tuesday 9 October.

Dutchman leads the way as top seeded

The top seeds in the five categories are from five different countries and only the men’s single has a Dutchman as first seeded. That is Mark Caljouw who ranks 32 in the world and he is followed by former European Champion Rajiv Ouseph as second seeded. All the eight seeded entries have a bye into second round of the tournament, and so will another eight unseeded players have – including two from the qualification due to where they have been placed in the draw.

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That means that the two players who will win the qualification 4 and 5 actually don’t only win a place in the main draw if they go successfully through the qualification. They will even be in second round already. That is a bit strange if you compare with higher ranked players who will lose first round; some lower ranked players are automatically guaranteed to go further in the tournament. Finally the men’s single has one extra round because of the many entries; 48 in a draw of 64 positions.

If the seeded players deliver as expected…

If we focus on the seeded players we obviously have Mark Caljouw (1) in the top half of the draw. He is most likely to meet Pablo Abian (7) in the first quarterfinal. The winner of the two will battle against Ygor Coelho (4) or Misha Zilberman for a spot in the semifinal.

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In the bottom half of the draw Rajiv Ouseph (2) could be up against Kashyap Parupalli (8). We also have Jan Ø. Jørgensen (3) who recently enjoyed a successful time at Chinese Taipei Open where he lost the semifinal in a very close match. He is expected to face Lucas Corvee (7) in his quarterfinal. This is however only if all seeded players deliver as we can allow ourselves to expect – but we all know we will probably see some upsets on the way.

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Last year Dutch Open was won by certain Japanese who happened to win the World Championship this year – Kento Momota. He defeated Mark Caljouw in the final in a draw where the Dutchman was seeded 7. With his top seeding this year Caljouw will surely be eager to get one step higher on the podium after the finals have been played next Sunday.

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First matches of the seeded players, all in second round:

Mark Caljouw, Netherlands (1) vs. winner of Q8/Jacob Nilsson, Sweden
Rajiv Ouseph, England (2) vs. winner of June Wei Cheam, Malaysia/Robert Mann, Luxembourg
Jan Ø. Jørgensen, Denmark (3) vs. Toby Penty, England (due to withdrawal from Jan Louda, Czech Republic)
Ygor Coelho, Brazil (4) vs. winner of Thomas Rouxel, France/Emre Lale, Turkey
Lucas Corvee, France (5) vs. winner of Q2/Q6
Misha Zilberman, Israel (6) vs. winner of Q1/Niluka Karunaratne, Sri Lanka
Pablo Abian, Spain (7) vs. winner of Lucas Claerbout, France/Eetu Heino, Finland
Kashyap Parupalli, India (8) vs. Kai Schäfer, Germany/Karan Rajan Rajarajan, India

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