It was time for a rematch, when the Minions stepped on to court against the young Chinese duo He and Tan. And the Indonesian got what they came for.

The Chinese duo He and Tan was up 1-0 against Sukamuljo and Gideon before today’s semifinal. So, it was up to the Indonesians to equalize. Everything went according to plan for the Minions, as they got off to a great start and won the first set 21-16.

Stamina against technique

In the second set, it got physical. The Indonesians showed world class defense and world class technique, but the Chinese just had too strong an attack. They brought the game into the deciding set winning by 21-14.

In the third set, Sukamuljo and Gideon took the lead and as they switched sides the score was 11-6. And after the switch the Chinese froze. Either nerves or fatigue struck the Chinese, but Sukamuljo and Gideon once again showed killer instinct and brutally ended the match 21-

Yellow card for Gideon

After the tough duels in the end of second set, Gideon apparently had some issues with his hand. As the umpire refused to give Gideon a break, he took it anyway, which ultimately resulted in a yellow card. This event once again shows, that the Indonesians behavior can be questioned.

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Up against Li & Liu from China

In the final, Sukamuljo and Gideon will face their Chinese rivals Li & Liu, who won their match against CHEN Hung Ling and WANG Chi-Lin from Chinese Taipei.

And the Indonesian and the Chinese have a tense relation since one of their previous encounters, where Sukamuljo according to many people in the badminton community went far beyond, what is characterized as appropriate behavior, as he provoked the Chinese.

Head to head the Indonesian are up 7-1 and must therefore be considered massive favorites.

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