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With Chinese Taipei losing the first two quarterfinals they were represented in earlier today, it was up to Chen Hung Ling and Wang Chi-Lin to secure success for their country as they were the last shot for their country today.

The two men’s double players who beat 3rd seeded Danes Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen in two straight games yesterday may have been seeded and ranked lower than their Japanese opponents today, Takuto Inoue and Yuki Kaneko, but they were still leading 3-0 head-to-head before today’s match.

And Chen and Wang were off to a rocket start. In no time they were leading 6-0 and even though Inoue and Kaneko nearly closed the gap midway through first game, it was full speed forward to 21-11 for Chinese Taipei via 7 helpful consecutive points towards the end of the game.

Second game was a much more different and closer battle. The two pairs followed each other very closely before Inoue and Kaneko secured a third game with 21-17. But that was nearly the last we saw to the Japanese. Full speed forward once again and Chen and Wang were leading from first point. The more they played, the less doubtful it was to see who would win and after 69 minutes and a scoring of 21-13 it was Chen and Wang who could celebrate an entry into the semifinals.

Chinese men’s double medals

Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen faced unseeded Malaysians Aaron Chia and Wooi Yik Soh, ranked 35 in the world. It was two Chinese players hungry for success to the tune of lots of local spectators they won first game very quickly with 21-14. It seemed uphill for the two underdogs now.

Second game was very close and most people in the arena probably feared the match would go in three games. It was 20-20, then 22-21 and game point for Chia and Soh. But three consecutive points allowed Li and Liu to throw themselves on the court in joy and celebrate their win of 24-22. Medals are in the bag!

Music for the masses

Or should we say music for the Mads’es instead… Denmark’s only players left at the World Championships on Friday evening were Mads Conrad-Petersen and Mads Pieler Kolding who were up against the reigning Chinese World Champions, Liu Cheng and Zhang Nan. And it was two Chinese with full support from the spectators in the arena that entered the court with the Danes.

The two pairs followed each other pretty much all the way to 9-9 but after the interval Liu Cheng and Zhang Nan didn’t look back and they took the first game 21-13. This was surely not what the Danes had come for and as if filled up with new energy Mads and Mads were leading all the way through second game, which they won nearly as comfortably, 21-14. A third and decisive game was necessary to find out if Denmark’s last shot was in or out.

Third game was extremely close and whoever were a few points behind quickly closed the gap again. But at the end it was the Chinese who could celebrate. The Danes lifted a shot too far and made it 21-18 for their opponents. The hall exploded in joy and Liu Cheng and Zhang Nan are in the semifinal while Denmark’s World Championship ends without medals.

There was no happy music for the Mads’es today…


You can see all results from today’s matches here


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