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While the Asian Games still continue with other sports until Sunday 2 September, the badminton tournament finished a couple of days ago. Seven countries shared the 28 badminton medals. We have taken a look at how everything went for the Asian shuttlers who were present in Jakarta.

First of all, with two team events and the usual five categories in the individual event of Asian Games, a total of 28 medals had to be handed out to the participants in the badminton tournament. Seven countries left the Games with medals and two proud badminton nations were left without any metal at all.

At the Asian Games 2014 Malaysia returned home from Gyeyang in Korea with four medals. The men’s team secured a bronze medal in the team event after losing the semifinal to China, and they got additional three bronze medals in the individual competitions in men’s single, men’s double and women’s double. Korea did even better on home soil four years ago with five medals in total. The men’s team won gold in the team event while the women’s team settled for silver. In men’s double they got silver and bronze and women’s single got one bronze medal. This year Malaysia and Korea were to their big disappointment left without any medals at all.

Medal overview 2018

Four countries shared the seven gold medals between them as China and Japan won the team events and Indonesia and China each won two of the individual competitions and Chinese Taipei won the last one.

If we give 3 medal points for gold, 2 for silver and 1 for bronze, this is how the total medal distribution looks:


Indonesia                                      8 medals           14 medal points
China                                              6 medals           13 medal points
Japan                                              6 medals           9 medal points
Chinese Taipei                              4 medals           7 medal points
India                                               2 medals           3 medal points
Hong Kong                                    1 medal             2 medal points
Thailand                                         1 medal             1 medal point


We have made an interesting breakdown of each country’s medals on the following pages – you can click on each country to go straight to their breakdown, or you can simply hit the page numbers below.


Breakdown of Indonesia‘s medals

Breakdown of China‘s medals

Breakdown of Japan‘s medals

Breakdown of Chinese Taipei‘s medals

Breakdown of India‘s medals

Breakdown of Hong Kong‘s medals

Breakdown of Thailand’s medals


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