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The photo shows the arena of Denmark Open 2018. Denmark Open has nothing to do with the conflict in itself.

The conflict in Danish badminton is still ongoing. As a matter of fact there has been no news at all since last time we wrote about it. Yesterday something happened.

The new steps in the conflict are received with mixed feelings though. Instead making a new collective agreement just like they always had before, Badminton Denmark has now sent out individual agreements to all their players. These agreements do have the exact same content though.

Conflict in Denmark: National association fires all players

The reason that Badminton Denmark terminated the ongoing negotiations end of November 2018 is that they don’t want to negotiate with the players’ representative, Mads Øland, director in DEF-Sport (Danske Elitesportsudøveres Forening/Danish Elite Athletes’ Association). The Danish badminton association claims they have no one to negotiate with now, so they sent out the individual agreements instead.

The players are ready

The Danish players have on the other hand been ready to negotiate all the time so for outsiders it seems that someone is very stubborn in their approach to the problem. The Danish players don’t welcome individual agreements with happiness either as they were all very satisfied with a collective agreement like the one they had before.

Conflict in Denmark grows bigger: Is this the end of Danish badminton as we know it?

Kim Astrup sees it very problematic that Badminton Denmark refuses to let the players be represented by Mads Øland, and he is very disappointed that they have sent out individual agreements now.

Hans-Kristian Solberg Vittinghus, who is one of those who negotiates on behalf of the players, is also very disappointed that it has come to this now. As he says, all what the players want is just a fair agreement where their situation is taken into consideration, and where they can be united about the project that it is to be part of the national team.

Unhealthy negotiation

Kim Astrup adds that the players are ready to negotiate whenever the Danish badminton association wants to. For some reason it seems that the association has decided they don’t want to do that. Badminton Denmark has decided that they don’t want to talk to the one that the players have chosen to represent them. Then things seem pretty stuck instead.

Sending out an individual agreement, which mainly contains the association’s interests, is a very unhealthy way of negotiating, according to the Danish player.

So the news is… that there pretty much isn’t any more news anyway. Except for the fact that Badminton Denmark sent out individual agreements.

Let’s hope for Denmark that the two parties will soon meet in a friendly way and agree on terms that can make Danish badminton develop continuously and make them stay in the top of the badminton world where they surely belong. Anything else seems very amateurish.

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