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The photo shows the arena of Denmark Open 2018. Denmark Open has nothing to do with the conflict in itself.

They have been disagreeing for several months, the Danish badminton association and the Danish elite players. Now Badminton Denmark finally confirms that the two parts have reached an agreement.

Negotiations weren’t always pretty between Badminton Denmark and the Danish elite players. The national association didn’t want to negotiate with Mads Øland, director of the players’ association DEF-sport (Danish Elite Athletes’ Association).

They accused him for coming with threats against them. Later Badminton Denmark was accused of coming with threats against the players themselves. The recipe for a future crisis in Danish badminton was indeed on the table.

New agreement approved today

After several weeks of silence from the involved parts, Sunday afternoon came the news that the national badminton association and the players reached an agreement Saturday. After having sent individual agreements to the players earlier in January, which were rejected by all but one player, the two parts have finally reached a new collective agreement. This agreement was approved by both parts in the conflict Sunday.

This means that the players are now allowed to return to the national training centre where they were excluded from on 1 December 2018. And more important, they can represent their country at major events like the European Championships and the World Championships. If no agreement had been reached now Denmark would have played with a so-called B-team at the upcoming European Team Championships in a couple of weeks.

Badminton Denmark had given the players a deadline to sign the individual agreements no later than 25 January at 10 am local time. Due to intense negotiations the last few days, this deadline was postponed. And thank God, you may say for the Danes.

Wishes were heard

The main issue in the conflict has been how to interpret the previous collective agreement concerning commercial rights and the players’ right to select which tournaments they want to play. The new agreement is allegedly valid for 6 years and Hans-Kristian Solberg Vittinghus says to Danish medias, that the players’ wishes have been heard.

The new collective agreement contains clear paragraphs that describe Badminton Denmark’s possibilities to use the players’ commercial rights within clearly defined rules. At the same time the solution for the players and their individual sponsors is more flexible now.

Let’s hope for Danish badminton that all involved parts will be able to avoid similar conflicts in the future.

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