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The biggest favorites for the single titles at Chinese Taipei Open are slowly getting closer to their goal. After a first round where half of the seeded entries lost in first round, top seeded Chou leads the way on day 2.

Chou Tien Chen, world number 4 and winner of the Chinese Taipei Open the past two years, is still in the run for his third consecutive title on home soil. Yesterday he eased past Hong Kong’s Hu Yun and today it was Misha Zilberman from Israel who was stopped by the strong Taiwanese.

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With a total of just 62 minutes on court in Taipei City, Chou has now advanced to the quarterfinal tomorrow. Here he will be up against another Hongkonger, Lee Cheuk Yiu, in what is going to be the first encounter ever between the two.

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Big scalp for local boy

Chinese Taipei’s second seeded Wang Tzu Wei only got one match on home ground this time. He lost in straight games to Riichi Takeshita from Japan who continued his good week by qualifying to the quarterfinal earlier today.

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For the local19-year old Chen Chi Ting the week started off amazingly. The Taiwanese is only number 16 on the national ranking and number 339 in the world. Nevertheless he is now ready for the quarterfinal at Chinese Taipei Open.

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He got a big scalp as he eliminated bronze medalist from the World Championships, Daren Liew from Malaysia, in first round. Today he sent out compatriot Lu Chia Hung who is number 5 in Chinese Taipei. That means an interesting quarterfinal tomorrow against Denmark’s former number 2 of the world.

Back on track

Jan Ø. Jørgensen who is on his way back from a long time off court due to foot injuries seems to be one right track now. Judging on the results, his first two matches seem to have been quite affordable. Giving away only 11 points yesterday he won in straight games against Firman Abdul Kholik from Indonesia today as well. The Dane is facing Chen Chi Ting tomorrow.

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Denmark’s second entry in the men’s single draw is Kim Bruun. He is one of those unseeded players who eliminated one of the seeded players in first round. In the European battle against French Lucas Corvee (7) the Dane left the court as a winner in straight games.

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In one of the last matches today Bruun is up against Ajay Jayaram from India in the first battle between the two. The Indian won his first round match against Hashiru Shimono from Japan.


Selected results from men’s single at Chinese Taipei Open:

R1: Chou Tien Chen, Chinese Taipei (1) vs. Hu Yun, Hong Kong 21-17 21-9
R1: Riichi Takeshita, Japan vs. Wang Tzu Wei, Chinese Taipei (2) 21-17 21-17
R1: Chen Chi Ting, Chinese Taipei vs. Daren Liew, Malaysia (3) 21-19 21-18
R1: Lee Zii Jia, Malaysia vs. Hsu Jen Hao, Chinese Taipei (4) 21-18 22-20
R1: Jan Ø. Jørgensen, Denmark (5) vs. Abhishek Yeligar, India 21-5 21-6
R1: Chan Yin Chak, Hong Kong vs. Ihsan Maulana Mustofa, Indonesia (6) 21-15 18-21 21-12
R1: Kim Bruun, Denmark vs. Lucas Corvee, France (7) 21-19 21-15
R1: Chong Wei Feng, Malaysia (8) vs. Nguyen Tien Minh, Vietnam 13-21 21-17 21-13

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R2: Chou Tien Chen, Chinese Taipei (1) vs. Misha Zilberman, Israel 21-9 21-8
R2: Jan Ø. Jørgensen, Denmark (5) vs. Firman Abdul Kholik, Indonesia 21-16 21-13
R2: Chong Wei Feng, Malaysia (8) vs. Lin Yu Hsien, Chinese Taipei – awaiting result
R2: Chen Chi Ting, Chinese Taipei vs. Lu Chia Hung, Chinese Taipei 23-21 22-20
R2: Riichi Takeshita, Japan vs. Sourabh Verma, India 19-21 23-21 21-16

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