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Danish Jan Ø. Jørgensen is on his way back from a very long time out due to foot injuries. The former number two in the world ranks 34 today and is slowly climbing the right way again.

This week is the best result for him since he made his comeback earlier this spring. Today was fifth time he and Riichi Takeshita faced each other and the Dane had won all previous encounters. Last time it was very close though; 23-21 for Jørgensen in third game at Spain Masters. The Japanese would surely like to get his first win in against the Dane and the two delivered an even wilder finish of the match than last time.

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6 consecutive points led the way

And it was also Takeshita who had the best start as he won first game after a 6-point streak from 15-17 and up. Jørgensen was not more shaken though than he came strongly back in second game. The two were even up to 8-8 when it was the Danish player’s turn to get 6 consecutive points. Riichi Takeshita never came back to close that gap and the match went into three games.

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This decisive game was one of the tightest we have seen for a long time. Looking at the scoring development in a graph it looks like two lines on top of each other. Every time one of the players had a small lead it was immediately closed again by the other.

Three match points for each

Jørgensen and Takeshita had three match points each before the second men’s single finalist had been found. At 24-24 things we still unsettled but as the next two points went in favor of the unseeded Japanese, it was him who could celebrate the win in a fantastic match of 68 minutes.

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Despite Chinese Taipei Open having been quite a good tournament for Jan Ø- Jørgensen, it is the 81-ranked Riichi Takeshita who will play final against Lee Zii Jia tomorrow. It will be his second consecutive final as he has a fresh victory in the bag from Sydney International in September.

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Result of the match:

MS: Riichi Takeshita, Japan vs. Jan Ø. Jørgensen, Denmark (3) 21-17 16-21 26-24


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