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There are several very interesting clashes coming up already in first round of the men’s double draw at China Open. Especially the match between the World Champions from 2013, 2015 and 2017 will be one to watch.

The Minions, Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo from Indonesia who were crowned with the Japan Open title yesterday, are obviously top seeded again at China Open. They have been number 1 on the world ranking for a long time and have more than 24,000 points more than number 2. They will increase this gap on the next updated world ranking list on Thursday. Last year they got 9,200 points for winning Japan Open – this year these points are replaced by 11,000 new.

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Gideon and Sukamuljo are facing their compatriots and training partners Wahyu Nayaka Arya Pangkaryanira and Ade Yusuf Santoso in first round. It will be the third time the two Indonesian pairs play against each other in international tournaments. So far they won one battle each in the past, both times in 2015.

Runners-up vs. runners-up

The World Champions from China, Li Junhui and Liu Yuchen, had an off-day in the final of Japan Open yesterday. They lost with 11 and 13 to the Minions in just 38 minutes. The otherwise strong Chinese duo is seeded second and they have the chance to get back on track against Lu Ching Yao and Yang Po Han from Chinese Taipei.

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For the third seeded Japanese, Takeshi Kamura and Keigo Sonoda – runners-up at the World Championships one and a half month ago – there is a very interesting clash in first round. They have drawn the runners-up from the Asian Games, Fajar Alfian and Muhammad Rian Ardianto from Indonesia. Kamura and Sonoda last time won against the Indonesians on their way to the World Championship final. It is also the Japanese who are leading head-to-head; this statistic says 3-2.

Four World Champions on court

There is also a very interesting battle coming up for China’s second best men’s double, 4th seeded Liu Cheng and Zhang Nan. In their first round they are facing the former World Champions from 2013 and 2015, Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan from Indonesia. It will be the first ever clash between the two legendary pairs and we are looking forward to seeing who will come out on the winning side.

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Liu Cheng and Zhang Nan won the World Championships in 2017 – they defeated Mohammad Ahsan and another Indonesian, Rian Agung Saputro, in the final.


Draw for the seeded entries at China Open:

Marcus Fernaldi Gideon/Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo, Indonesia (1) vs. Wahyu Nayaka Arya Pangkaryanira/Ade Yusuf Santoso, Indonesia
Li Junhui/Liu Yuchen, China (2) vs. Lu Ching Yao/Yang Po Han, Chinese Taipei
Takeshi Kamura/Keigo Sonoda, Japan (3) vs. Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto, Indonesia
Liu Cheng/Zhang Nan, China (4) vs. Mohammad Ahsan/Hendra Setiawan, Indonesia
Mathias Boe/Carsten Mogensen, Denmark (5) (withdrawn)* vs. Chen Hung Lin/Wang Chi-Lin, Chinese Taipei
Mads Conrad-Petersen/Mads Pieler Kolding, Denmark (6) vs. Berry Angriawan/Hardianto Hardianto, Indonesia
Takuto Inoue/Yuki Kaneko, Japan (7) vs. Ricky Karandasuwardi/Angga Pratama, Indonesia
Kim Astrup/Anders Skaarup Rasmussen, Denmark (8) vs. Hiroyuki Endo/Yuta Watanabe, Japan

* Danish duo Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen have withdrawn from China Open. They are replaced in the draw by Jelle Maas and Robin Tabeling from the Netherlands.


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